About Me

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Challenges amuse me. I believe everyone is creative and designers are the people blessed with the art of giving life to the creative thoughts and ideas. Being a Designer makes me an Experience maker and being an Engineer makes me a problem solver. This mesmerizing combination makes it possible for me to fill the space between the two expansive spheres.

Hello! I am Suhina Agarwal, from New Delhi, India. I am an Industrial Design graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Looking at the world as a spinning ball of inspiration, I tend to turn to my surroundings for ideas and look at the things with a very different perspective, trying to break away from the convention in both form and function. As a designer, I like to explore the functions of the products, user-product interaction and emotional aspects of this relationship. I like to design memorable experiences using aesthetic and playful products or services.

Some of the noticeable work I have done at RIT includes Summer Co-op under Professor Stan Rickel, Industrial Design Graduate Director, an accomplished Designer and my mentor. I worked for the Studio 9.30 RIT Design Consultancy, a multidisciplinary studio focused on the production of access and health technology products. The projects were presented at RIT’s Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship; an access technology conference held at RIT and were also published in RIT’s Newspaper. I am currently employed as Professor Stan Rickel’s Graduate Assistant. I have been a part of several design events and conferences like T-Minus, Thought at Work, IdeaLab and Eureka! Design Blitz. (home at school if implemented) Apart from this, I have a diploma in Fine Arts with first distinction from ‘Bangiya Sangeet Parishad’, a Fine Arts Academy affiliated to the Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkatta and have presented my work at several exhibitions. I have also interned at “National Thermal Power Corporation”, largest producer of power in India as an Electronics and Communication Engineer and at “Zocalo.in”, a startup based in New Delhi as an advertising designer.

I let design come to me naturally rather than force it out of my head. This is why I usually look for inspiration in my everyday life and things and the people I interact with. It is a constant process wherein the brain is always trying to soak in information and coming up with creative ideas from that information. Traveling, books and movies are also an important source of inspiration for me. Coming from a richly diverse country like India and having traveled to over 15 countries has given me a broad perspective and ample exposure. The ultimate goal of my designs is to be functional, sustainable, solve problems of the user and at the same time leave an ever lasting impression on them.